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To Our Valued customers, we recognize that you have ​the option to choose other service companies to repair your appliances. We want to extend our warmest thanks and say that we truly appreciate that you have chosen to put your trust in us to help you out when your life is disrupted by a faulty appliance. We're certain that if you choose us once, you  will choose us for life!


Healthy Appliance Tips

Following these 5 simple steps will not only improve results that you get from your appliances, but you will also reduce the chance of needing a service call to correct serious problems. 


#1:  For best dryer performance and to prevent possible fire, inspect outside vent monthly for lint obstruction and good air flow. Clean if needed, at least once per year. 


#2:   For best dishwasher performance, run water at the kitchen sink until hot just before starting your dishwasher.  It's also best to use soft water for improved washability as well as increasing the life of your appliance.


#3:   Using a small nylon mesh laundry bag for small articles, such as childrens socks, etc can prevent such items from entering your wash pump and causing damage.  Always carefully check pockets and remove all items before washing such as keys, hair pins, safety pins, coins etc.


#4: Using too much fabric softener can cause a build up over time that can actually affect your dryer's performance. If using liquid fabric softener in the washer, use a very small amount, diluted. If your choice is a dryer sheet,  appliance manufacturers now recommend cutting the dryer sheet in half. Not only will your dryer be happier, you'll save money, too.


 #5:  Adding a product called "Finish Power Up" to your dishwasher may increase the cleaning performance.  Pour "Finish Power Up" into the bottom of the dishwasher tub.  Then, add your favorite detergent to the dispenser as you normally would.  There are several Finish products, but it must have the words "Power Up" on the bottle. Recently, phosphates have been removed from all dishwasher detergents and many people are calling us to report that their dishwasher is no longer getting dishes clean and/or leaving a white residue on dishes, particularly plastic items. You may need to soak the items in a vinegar solution to remove the residue.  Then, use the "Finish Power Up" with each wash.                                             

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